April 2007
1 Apr 07
the cake we made for the Wing Easter party
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1 Apr 07
LOL...the egg relay...the grownups had to carry the spoon in their mouths to make it more difficult
Yes, that's Robert with a moustache   : )
9 Apr 07
my guys playing around at Stansted airport
10 Apr 07
Connor discovered that brain freezes can happen even in another country!  LOL!
click on above pic to see more from our trip to Germany
21 Apr 07
the boys "patiently" pose for me beside a flowerbed in Cambridge  : )
21 Apr 07
Josh watching over Ella Mae
26 Apr 07
Connor posing with his swordfish decoration at the Third Grade "Wonders of the Earth" program
26 Apr 07
"for he's a jolly good fellow..."