30 August 2005
Robert in front of Kings College
Mom M in middle of Market Square (St Mary's in background)
Pops in front of gate to Trinity College
punting along the River Cam
I say, is there anything more beautiful than weeping willows dangling over a body of water?  : )
The Mathematical Bridge
Queen's College
This was our very first day of punting.  Such a relaxing and enjoyable activity!  We could not have asked for better weather that day.
Pops tries his hand at punting...
Our group...back on land...I was sorry that our time was up...there was much we didn't get to explore on the river.
Can I stay here?  I love willows!  : )
Oops!  Better catch up...the "speedy guys" are getting annoyed.  hehehe!
Back on the bus...(thus the "bird's eye" perspective)...had to snap a shot of this cute elderly chap on the bicycle.  People of all ages, sizes and shapes on bicycles are a common sight in this college town.
Smart car...smart mom...we couldn't resist the urge to snap a photo...such cute itty bitty cars!  hehehe!
As for size comparison...notice that Mom M is standing on a "kerb."
Thoroughbreads sandwich stand set up near the "park and ride" parking area...we loved the word play!  : )
Back to our old, familiar territory...the land of the sheep...with just a little time to spare before the boys are home
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