our adventure in Cambridge...
18 Oct 06
After stopping at the Grafton Centre for a bite of lunch, we took Mom & John to the River Cam for a bit of punting along the college backs...
waiting for our turn....
the start of the journey, and I can already see the enjoyment in Mom's eyes
colorful ivy-covered back of St John's College
The Bridge of Sighs (replica)
and our tour guide
Connor gets to punt
The front of  St John's College
(aka "The Wedding Cake College")
William the punter
Josh's turn
swans on the River Cam
watch your step!  : )
ducks & ivy
the door is heavier than it looks...hehehe!
monkey in the tree named William
monkey see, monkey Josh
John & Mom enjoying Cambridge
my three angels (?)  : )
quiet street in Cambridge
The Bun Shop (Pub)
Cambridge shops & restaurants
another example of determination
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