~~~~~~~26 Aug 05~~~~~~~
Breakfast in Scotland
Due to the many festivals going on in Edinburgh during the time we visited we ended up having to stay in an inn about a half hour away from the city.  We were treated to a wonderful Scottish breakfast before heading back to see the sights.
P.S. While I can now say I have tried "blood sausage" I do not fancy ever trying it again.   : )
Breakfast in Scotland
An ancient knight guards the entrance to the castle at Edinburgh
The family poses with a statue of a bagpiper.
Inside Edinburgh Castle grounds
looking back toward the middle ward with the city in the distance and the Firth of Forth beyond it...
William checks out Mons Meg...the medeival cannon at the castle
peaceful pasture
my heart was sad as we drove steadily south toward England and away from Edinburgh...I would miss these lovely rolling hills with the blankets of lavender.
Lockerbie, Scotland
Pops asks a local man where we might find a good lunch
Middle of Lockerbie, still searching for a place for lunch...it was an odd time of day for a meal
The Tower Fish Bar...not where we ate but it looked cool!  We ate at a little place called Cafe 91.
Walking back to our truck...such an idyllic setting...a lovely little town.  Robert had some fun with the remote start as some local kids walked by the truck ahead of us...they didn't know what to think.  : )
Last of the day's rays...
I still wanted to turn back around and explore more of Scotland!  Another gorgeous ending to a day of adventure.
At some of the welcome breaks (rest areas) we found provisions provided for pets (left) and fresh flowers in the loo (above).
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