Field Day 2007
Feltwell Elementary School
This year was a little different than previous years.  The children rotated through various game stations and then at the end had the massive relays like usual.  Josh was on the dark blue team and Connor was on the grey team.
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Josh tries to hit the pins
Connor spins a hula hoop on his arm
Josh races to get the most hackey sack balls
Connor passes through the hula hoop and then...Connor's team wins!
Josh throws the football to his partner
Connor and a friend share a laugh
Connor passes the ball overhead
Josh with hula hoops
Josh guiding a soccer ball around the cones
Connor gets the ball into the pot (this is harder than it looks!  you had to get it "just right" or the beach ball went everywhere else but where you wanted it to go)
Josh jumping rope as part of the course
Connor's turn to race for the hackey sack balls
Josh manuevers through the hula hoop, passing it on
Connor's turn to wear the uniform
Josh in the sack race
Connor jumping in a sack
Connor running with tennis racket & golf ball
Josh & friend's response to my question
"Are ya havin' fun?"