~~~~~~~Happy 4th of July~~~~~~~
This year Robert was able to join us for the Independence Day celebrations...
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The boys got to go on some of the attractions that I wouldn't take them on last year...like the"house of terror".  Now, do these guys look scared to you?!

Josh was scared to go in but really wanted to do it...when he came out he told me it wasn't scary at all.
Our favorite attraction was still the bumper cars...

Here is Josh,...ready for more fun (Connor & Robert can be seen behind him getting ready)
William thinks he's funny when he puts his hand up in front of his face when I break out the camera...I am not that amused.

However, if he wants to be known as the boy with no face, then so be it!  hahaha!  : )
Connor still enjoys massive impacts!

Sure hope he grows out of that or he'll never be getting the keys to the car!  : )
We even experienced a bit of unplanned adrenaline when a nearby truck caught fire.  (I took this pic from our place in line for Josh to do the bungee jumping on trampolines.)

So glad that the appropriate people were trained and ready to take care of the situation. 

As far as we know, no one was hurt.
The boys enjoy the fireworks from the top of the truck.

They enjoyed the cotton candy and popcorn I had stashed in the truck beforehand.