~~~~~~~London Film and Comic Con~~~~~~~
1 July 2006
The boys pose with Batman
Connor with a Scout Trooper
Star Wars characters were a majority at this convention.  : )
Meeting people is my favorite part!
Here the boys meet Peter Mayhew, the man who played Chewbacca

we had to take pics fast...William didn't get his smile fully formed and Connor got a little distracted.  If only we could do retakes...hehehe
Connor with Darth Vader
Whose side is this kid on?!  
Here Connor joins the Jedi
: )
As we finished up Connor's picture with the Jedi, we turn to face a threatening foe...

Darth Vader & Company had a bit of a standoff with the Jedi before proceeding on through the crowd, promising to "deal with you later."
More Star Wars characters...they were everywhere!

We were so amused by the tontons!

William & I wanted to know, "Where are all the Lord of the Rings people?!"  We did see one hobbit later on...but didn't get a photo.
Josh & Connor were excited about the Snow Trooper
Okay!  You may not be able to tell by just looking at him....but this was THE highlight of the day for Connor!  He did not expect to see a Power Ranger today.  He was so shy about posing...and only later was ready with his fighting stance...after the photo op was over.  I am glad for him, though, that he got this opportunity to get his picture taken with a Power Ranger.  He says this is his most favorite picture.  : )  He was so giddy afterward, you'd have thought someone had handed him the moon!
We had the opportunity in February to meet Jorge Garcia at the Manchester Collectormania.  At that time, we gave him a Smile Project letter.  We were so surprised and happy when, not too long afterward, we received his reply!  And such a funny one too!  When we found out he'd be in London, we just had to stop by to say thank you.  We even lugged that heavy scrapbook (filled with so many treasured replies!) into the city with us so that he could take a look at the project so far (and to show Elijah, if he had time).  I asked if we could get a photo of him with the scrapbook and this is the pose he gave us.  He's such a funny guy and we truly appreciate his kindness.  Our prayer for him is that his life will be filled with many treasured and genuine friends.  He deserves it.  : )
Meeting Elijah Wood was an interesting experience.  He was the "main attraction" for SO MANY!  I was quite shocked to find out that our places in the virtual queue were 978 & 979!  We had paid the early bird price and had gotten in early.  Those numbers were given to us after the place was only open an hour and a half!  I can just imagine what his day was like.  ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!  I was sad for us that it took us so long to get to see him and that we were not allowed to get a picture with him because of them trying to get so many people through the line...but I felt even worse for him!  As we made our way through the line (our turn to stand in line didn't come about until around 5:30pm!!), I couldn't help but wonder what something like this would do to a person's mind.  I am not sure I would be able to handle it very well at all.  Everyone wants a bit of time with you and it's simply impossible to do that for so many.  Plus, if it were me, I'd want to get to know a little bit about the people who know my name and care enough for me to spend the time and money to meet me.  I I wonder how much of a struggle this is for celebrities.  Kind of a double-edge sword, I guess.  On the other side of that, some of the people are just scary!  There was a lady in front of me with a picture of Elijah as Frodo on her shirt....I thought it was cute until I saw the back of it.  There was a poem similar to the "one ring to find them..." verse but it's content was so suggestive and perverse that I had trouble with the "mama bear" instinct kicking in and just wanting to protect him from her.  I mean...she was old enough to be his mother, for crying out loud!!  It just seemed so bizarre to me...and sad.
After so much contemplation...and shuffling of feet and a bit of a tense feeling in the air as people were trying to get their autographs and the time was growing so short...
it was finally our turn!
I was able to deliver a copy of the Lembas for the Soul book to him.  He seemed very amused by the title.  : )  I told him there was also a letter inside from our family and that perhaps he could read both on the plane ride home.  He seemed pleased and grateful.  I do hope he reads it and finds it encouraging.  : )  The letter we gave him was the Smile Project letter, which I had hoped to explain more about but there was no time for that as the crew was trying to push everyone through so quickly.  I felt guilty for taking the few extra seconds that we did already.
Just as Elijah finished signing William's photo, Connor told him a joke.
"What goes 'ha ha ha ha...clunk'?"
"I don't know...what?"
"Someone laughing their head off!"
At this, Elijah broke into his signature laugh and the tension was alleviated for a brief moment.  I was glad for it and Robert & I both wished we had taken video of it with the camera.  It's a precious memory...

I walked away feeling like I wanted more time to chat with him...but then realized what a blessing it was to have met him at all...even for a couple of seconds.  There was a dad and little boy outside who had not gotten tickets for the autographs in time.  They were not allowed in to meet him at all.  It broke my heart to see the disappointment on their faces.  The little boy tried, in vain, to catch a glimpse of him, but his signing area was enclosed in such a way that he was separated from all the other signers so you couldn't even see him until you got well forward in the queue.

I am not sure how I would handle fame at all.  I'd want to know everyone who wanted to know me and it's just an impossibility to give of yourself to that many people.

Fame...a blessing and a curse...indeed.
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