F1 Grand Prix
Monte Carlo
27-28 May 2006
(26 May 06)  flying over some majestic mountains
the Southern coast of France
our room in Nice
27 May 2006
view of the Med from our room
we took a train each day from Nice to Monaco
we enjoyed some beautiful scenery along the way...
when we got off the train the sounds of the cars running their qualifying races made Robert giddy with anticipation
there were many sculptures around Monte Carlo, this one was just outside the train station...now to find a cab to our seats...
It took us a while to figure out how to get a taxi to the hotel where we had purchased seats...but once we were there...it was great...and LOUD!!  Robert was very happy!
This was "our corner" of the track.
Our corner is right after they go through a hairpin turn and before they enter the tunnel.
After the qualifying races we walked around Monte Carlo a bit.
Here is the coastline...the tunnel entrance has a red sign over it.
Robert sees that this would cost less than the other car he wanted to buy...
Shirley with Princess Grace
interesting art
shopping opulence
we even found "FRED"
church in bottom of ravine,
train station at top
back in Nice...the end of a very tiring day
~~~~~~~28 May 2006~~~official race day~~~~~~~
This Ferrari Enzo turned a few heads
busy marketplace
the crew stands at attention as the Prince drives along the track
the Grand Prix begins...
Kimi holds second position most of the race
"Connor's car"
"Robert's car"
view to the left of our seats
disappointing end for Kimi
(and for Robert)
victory lap
podium honors
LEFT:  Burned up McLaren

ABOVE:  Kimi's car gets a lift
Robert on the track!
Notice how close the tires get to the rail!!
our seats for the race (at top of the red bar)
Shirley & Robert
near entrance to tunnel
back at the train station to return to our hotel in Nice

We fly back to the UK on the 29th.
Robert at tunnel entrance
skid marks in the tunnel
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