~~~~~~~Our first TDY with Robert~~~~~~~
September 15-18, 2006
Connor & Josh eat their lunches on top of one of the crew bunks
Our destination was not such a welcoming landscape at first...
...but then it gets better...
...much better...
....ahhhh...much, much better!  : )
walking down a street in Souda Bay
William, Josh, Robert & Connor in Souda Bay
Robert rests while the boys watch a crab on the sea wall
The Souda Bay lighthouse as seen from our dining table
Souda Bay sunset view from the restaurant where we ate
16 Sep 06
We didn't get much time in Souda Bay before it was time to go back to the hotel and go to bed.  We had an early, early show time for our next flight...here the boys are trying to entertain themselves during the LONG hours of waiting for it to be time to board.  They ended up falling asleep before I had to wake them up hurriedly when it was time to go.  A bit of miscommunication led to us nearly being left behind while the plane went on to the next destination without us.  That would not have been good at all!
William & Josh eat the breakfast we bought before boarding the plane
the boys hang out during the long flight
an interesting (ancient?) form of irrigation
we saw many orchards that looked like they may be lime trees
17 Sep 06
cactus plants we saw on the way to Catania
walking into the city center...notice the neat architecture of the buildings
walking around Catania
another of the many cathedrals in this ancient city
17 Sep 06
walking back down toward the sea
getting closer to the sea...and the sidewalk gets smaller
sidewalk widens again...and now we can see the sea
three lanes of traffic...a horse-drawn cart, a moped and the blue car side-by-side
my guys in front of a fountain near the square
after the first stolen balloon popped, this dog learned to hold on gently as he played with a boy in the square
another fountain in Catania
"Don't lose your head!"
(Can you see Robert & Connor in the background)
shock & horror!
echoes of the past
can you see the three monkeys?
William thinks he's funny...putting the straws in the back of Connor's shirt
no love for the paparazzo...LOL!
18 Sep 06
Mt. Etna (a volcano that is still active)
cause of the traffic jam...sheep!  LOL
on the way home we spotted Nice, France...
...and some lovely mountains  : )
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