~~~~~~~Thetford/Norfolk county/England~~~~~~~
28 January 2006
Josh holds onto Raphael as he, Connor, Robert and William pose for the camera crazy lady on the other side of the roundabout in the town centre  : )
Crossing the street in front of the Green Dragon pub...
an interesting looking old building
a memorial planter in town square
the inscription is:
In Memory of
Cornell Fison
Born 1793 Died 1880
statue of Thomas Paine
near the town centre

One of the quotes engraved in the marble base reads:
"It is an affront to truth to treat falsehood with complaisance"
Josh hops over the posts as we walk down the street
a view of the Little Ouse as it winds its way through Thetford (this is also the river that goes through Brandon)
Town Bridge
erected in 1829
some people were feeding the swans and ducks
I was shocked by the massive size of the swans...guess I'd never seen one up close before.
William reads the sign an ancient punishment tool

"Borough of Thetford
The cage and stocks were erected in Cage Lane in 1581,
and used until the mid 19th century for the punishment of offenders. 
They were then transferred to this position in 1968 from a site opposite."
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