~~~~~~~Visit to Bath~~~~~~~
1 September 2005
Mom M looks out onto the balcony of one of the sitting rooms
I can't believe I am really standing in the Pump Room!  Aside from the cafe tables and patrons, the decor and atmosphere is the same as in the movie.  There is even a live orchestra playing for everyone's enjoyment.  So relaxing!  I wish you could hear the tinkle of the china and the soft music of the stringed instruments...
The famous Bath fountain!
We did "partake of the waters" but found the taste not to our liking.  Reminded me of the iron taste of the well water I once had in WV...and to make it even less palatable, the water was hot, not cold.  I don't care how fashionable it was in it's day...I don't think I could have pretended to enjoy it for anyone's pleasure.  Some socialite I am!  HA!
Above & Below:
different shots of the same Roman bath
ancient stones worn smooth from centuries of visitors
flower filled streets
Sally Lunn's Bakery
We purchased a bun from here, took it home and followed the toasting instructions, spread it with honey butter and WOW!
In the words of one of our friends, "that's good enough to make a tadpole jump up and slap a whale!"  : )
The buns are HUGE!  The seven of us split one...but that was not enough.
This little bakery/cafe/museum is another reason for us to go back for more exploring of this ancient city.
If you click on the linked words above it should open up a new window with the history of this "oldest house in Bath."  A truly extraordinary place.
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below is a photo of the bun we brought home and shared...yum!