William's Birthday Archives
June 2001
William's 9th birthday
William at 10 years
His birthday photos were lost when someone opened the camera and exposed the film inside
June 2003
William's 11th birthday
June 2004
William's 12th birthday
June 2005
William's 13th birthday
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June 2006
William's 14th birthday
2 June 1992
William is born!
June 1993
William's first birthday
June 1994
William's 2nd birthday
June 1995
William's 3rd birthday
June 1996
William's 4th birthday
June 1997
William's 5th birthday
June 1998
William's 6th birthday
June 1999
William's 7th birthday
June 2000
William's 8th birthday
June 2007
William's 15th birthday
June 2008
William's 16th birthday
May & June 2009
William's 17th birthday

we had to be out of town for his actual b-day, so we had small celebrations before and after
June 2010
William's 18th birthday
June 2011
William at 19

One of the difficult bits about kids growing up is changing traditions when necessary.  William was out of town for his 19th birthday and celebrated with his friends in FL.
Here he is with is fancy new "space pen."
June 2012
William's 20th birthday
June 2013
William at 21
July 2014
William at 22