Here we are walking toward Clifford's Tower in the ancient town of York
Mom & Pops inside the Tower
up, up, up the well worn spiral stairs to the top of the Tower's walls
Pops had gone on ahead of us and as we emerged from the staircase we find he is all the way around to the other side of the wall already!
A fear of heights did not make this an easy jaunt!  Here are my guys on the wall...Robert has a firm grip on a very active Connor on the other side of him.  I tend to hold on tight to the railings as I try to take pictures.  : )
looking down into the's a long way down...
this tower, like most ancient structures in England, has an amazing history...

Click here to learn more about Clifford's Tower

The views from the top of the Tower were magnificent of the city of York all around...but it was also good to go back to down the stairs to firm ground.  : )
It's funny how coming up these steps didn't seem as steep as they appeared going down....  : )
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After Clifford's Tower we visited the Jorvik, the Viking City nearby.  Here are the boys pretending to be Viking warriors...along with their adventurous grandparents  : )