Family Photo Archive
November 2001
Grand Forks, North Dakota
February 2003
Grand Forks, North Dakota
November 2003
Grand Forks, North Dakota
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April 2006/Germany
realizing how rare it is to get a picture of all of us together!  : )
February  2006
lunch at Pizza Express...Manchester, England
September  2006
Souda Bay
September  2006
hiking in Wales
May 2007
Mother's Day pose at church
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June 2007
Scotland Welcome Break
10 Aug 2007
Scotland border
11 Aug 2007
Edinburgh, Scotland
Oct 2007
Snowdonia National Park, Wales
Nov 2007
Warwick Castle, England

June 2009
Oklahoma City
November 2004
Robert's fini flight/Grand Forks, ND
August 2004
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii