October 2006
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1 Oct 06
Raphael and Josh just hangin' out at home...
7-9 Oct 06
We took Mom & John up to Scotland (click on photo)
11 Oct 06
Josh turns 10!  (click on pic to see more)
15 Oct 06
As further celebration of Josh's birthday...we took the boys swimming at the pool in Thetford.  Neat place!  First time we'd been...
Of course, my guys being themselves...they had to find a different route to our truck than just walking up the pavement with their mom and grandparents...LOL
14 Oct 06
Mom & I had the opportunity to attend the Ladies' Tea at Lynford Hall
We had a great time with the other ladies from my church and also walking the grounds afterward.
15 Oct 06
Connor gets a boost from Josh...Josh tries on his own and eventually accepts the offer of help from Dad...William is determined to do it on his own!  
Must be a guy thing!  Or else too much Splinter Cell game playing...one just never knows!  LOL  : )
18 Oct 06
visit to Cambridge...click on photo for more adventure
20 Oct 06
want to visit London with Mom & John?
click on the above photo
 Oct 06
Mom's favorite cottage
21 Oct 06
Mom's new hairdo
23 Oct 06
time to say good-bye
22 Oct 06
three boys playing at Jude's Ferry
22 Oct 06
Mom under giant willow tree at Jude's Ferry
22 Oct 06
boat docked at Jude's Ferry
23 Oct 06
one last photo...
24 Oct 06
Josh hangs out near Lakenheath BX
25 Oct 06
Raphael taking advantage of some down time
27 Oct 06
William, Connor, and Andrew D. at the squadron Halloween party
27 Oct 06
Josh meets the witch's cook at the squadron Halloween party
27 Oct 06
Michelle & Erica make me giggle  : )
30 Oct 06
Connor as book character for school
31 Oct 06
Halloween craziness