September 2006
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1 Sep 06

we took a walk around the base, during that walk the guys raced around the track
2 Sep 06

As a spur of the moment "we gotta go somewhere!" kind of trip, we decided to drive to Wales on this Saturday.
Click on the photo to see more of our exploration of this beautiful land
9 Sep 06

Shirley & Robert
attend the Air Force Ball

10 Sep 06
Foggy morning beauty
15-18 Sep 06
Our TDY with Robert (click HERE to see more)
23 Sep 06
Shirley went to London with some friends from church and found this sign outside a pub near the Portabello Market.
: )
a symbol of miraculous change
old man Connor
"money for the poor?"
a beautiful sight on the way to school
our three boys enjoy some time in a friend's tree
30 Sep 06
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